I am proud to support my amazing friend who happens to be a rock star author.  I have been waiting for over a year to see this book published. May I introduce Rage by D. C. Bowser. If you love Sci-Fi then this is the story for you.

Pix, a class three fielder, had enough problems in her life. After being honorably discharged from a Special Forces unit, simply existing became a chore. Now, she would give anything to go back to that life since being wrongfully imprisoned and threatened daily. Her unofficial power of pissing people off has gotten her in trouble again. This time, her new found enemy, the warden, wants nothing less than Pix’s head.

Lyloe has decided to use his new status and money to build an outlier training facility. The quickest way to promote his new facility is to have a sponsored prize fighter for the Ten Tournament. He didn’t have a prize fighter in mind until he found out that a person he used to know (Pix) was in prison and up for a parole. He needed to get her out of there just as much as he needed a winner.


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