Growth and Changes

Hello, R. M. fans,

I know it has been a while so I will try to move this post along quickly. The journey towards becoming a published author has been full of surprises. My goal is to share both my joys and lessons with readers. I have learned that support is a powerful motivator. Having a constant push from my book club, friends, family members, and other authors encourage me to continue the journey. Motivation and talent do not equal success. As an author, I am the one who defines and measures my success. No one can define your art but you. I will say for a first novel, Beacon of Sound did better than I expected. I am still hoping readers will post more reviews.

In an effort to continue improving my work and gain more exposure, I am removing Beacon of Sound from all online retailers except for Kindle. Marketing for Kindle has been easier, and many of my readers come from Amazon. My fans mean the world to me, and I want to remain focused in order to provide quality work. Focusing on one retailer will allow me to do that. During this transition, I will be putting out an updated version of the novel. Thank you for purchasing Beacon of Sound and spreading the word. Since publishing Beacon of Sound in July, I have continued working. I completed another full novel and plan on finishing the Skin Deep novel by March of 2015.
There have been numerous changes in my personal and professional life. I hope to continue sharing those highs and lows with you for years to come. Until next time, stay naughty because you are good at it.

R.M. Garry


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