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Hello naughty fans. I will be posting the content from the blog tour throughout this week. Yes, I will be writing a new blog sometime this week. The blog tour was an exciting experience and Roxanne Rhodes and the entire Bewitching Book Tours team are super fantastic. Enjoy the content and follow these blogs. The following post is a top ten list I completed for the Darkest Cravings blog.

Bewitching Book Tours:

Darkest Cravings-

Top Ten Sexy Songs from Beacon of Sound

Beacon of Sound had a huge playlist. As an author, I believe that all stories should have their own soundtrack. Music intensifies every emotion a character experiences. The right song also has the potential to melt panties. This is my list of top ten sexy songs from the Beacon of Sound playlist.

1. Wicked Games- The Weeknd

This song is very explicit. If you can get past the naughty words, well you are in for a true erotic treat. The Weeknd’s voice is addictive. He could read the ingredients on a shampoo bottle and still make me melt. Ok, I need to move on before I get too distracted.


This song may seem off the wall but just listen to the lead singer’s voice. It is gritty and passionate. He makes no apologies for his behavior or approach to love. He just wants to you to give in and sail away with him. He is the reason Marie had a very hard time resisting…read the story, I won’t spoil it for you.

3. Feenin-Jodeci

If you grew up in the 90s, there is no reason for me to explain this song. It gets me into trouble every time I play it around my husband. Yes, I play it often.

4. An Tout Franchiz- K-Dans (Haitian Kompa Music)

Haitian men are extremely passionate. This song is all about lust and passion. The lead singer is clear about his intentions not being romantic. He wants to do naughty things to his lover. His voice combined with the music makes me fan my face. You don’t need to understand the words to know that this man is very bad.

5. Moments in Love- Art of Noise

Art of Noise perfected the art of erotic music. This song screams four play.

6. The Language Of Sound (Slow Edit)-Enigma

Both versions of this song are very erotic. The slow edit is the one that puts the image of slow, delicious torture in your mind. Think of a long deep sensual oil massage followed by… I need to move on. I still have four more songs.

7. Will you be ready- Deep Forest

The lyrics of this song are not exactly about tearing your clothes off but it is still a sexy song. Use your imagination. Her sultry voice makes you release control and allow your lover to take you higher than you have ever been.

8. La Traviata: Preludio to Act 3-Nuremberg Symphonic Orchestra

Think of a sweet and gentle love scene and this song would definitely be playing in the background

9. Softest Place on Earth-Xscape

This is another song that makes you slow down and enjoy every second of the experience.

10. My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark – Fall Out Boy

I know you are doing a double take right now but let me explain. I love rock and I am a sucker for a song full of power and angry guitars. You can’t tell me that this song doesn’t make you want to do it pinned to wall while holding onto your lover for dear life. I didn’t use the song for a love scene, but man it is hot!!!

Thank you for allowing me to corrupt you with my sexy top ten list. I hope you do very naughty things while listening to this playlist.

R.M. Garry


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