The Guardian

Hello R.M. Fans,

This will be my final post on the family series blog. I will come back to the blogs about family life at a later date. I am currently wrapping up my next novel and am preparing for my blog tour. This final post is near and dear to my heart. This post will focus on the experience of my brother in law during the birth of his daughter. As mothers, we know what the experience is like. Even if you have never given birth, most women have a general idea about the experience. People rarely see or care about the father’s experience during labor and delivery. I had the honor of watching a relaxed and extremely mature young man transform into an ancient guardian during the birth of his daughter. The best part of the experience was watching his father walk with him through the journey.

In my previous post, I stated that my sister spent 46 hours in labor before bringing my niece into the world. In some cultures, it is believed that mothers and their unborn child are preyed upon by malevolent forces during active labor. In those cultures, a midwife or the father will stand guard over the mother in order to protect the mother and the unborn. It is those same guardians who protect the child throughout their life. When I stepped into the labor and delivery room, my brother in law had the appearance of a man in full control. He was relaxed and even joked with my sister. What we project on the outside is never the story our eyes tell. His eyes held his fear, hopes, and weariness in plain view. Each moan or complaint of discomfort from my sister seemed to pour through his soul. He paced, sat, rubbed her head, and kissed her face.

When it was evident she was not going to dilate for hours, he seemed lost. He wanted the staff to do more. I knew the truth he was frustrated because it was one of the first situations he could not fix for my sister. It was not a burden he could take on in order to ease her pain. Throughout the whole process, a guardian stood guard in the room. His father provided quiet strength and support. He provided reassurance and encouragement when his son seemed to struggle. He gave all of his strength and waited for his first granddaughter to make an appearance.

When she finally arrived, my brother in law poured his heart and soul into his tears. Each tear had a purpose. There were tears for his love who had to push life through an exhausted body. There were tears for the beauty of life and change. There were tears for the future and the hope that he would be able to give his angel the world even if he had to work 10 jobs. While his tears were beautiful, it was the tears of the guardian that were significant. Through his eyes, he watched his son take the place of a guardian and his granddaughter become the most precious thing in the world. His tears were of pride for his daughter in law and for the man his son had become. As my niece looked into her father’s eyes for the first time, my tears were created from the knowledge that he would always guard her with his life and his guardian would stand behind them both.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Stay tuned and stay naughty because you are good at it.

R.M. Garry


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