Sophia at work…

Hello R.M. Garry fans. As promised, I am posting one of the scences from my current book Hearts Unbound. As you know, I love female characters with lots of bite. Sophia is a strong woman and makes a point to constantly show her teeth. This version has not been edited so understand that the final version in the book will be different.  Enjoy and stay naughty because you are good at it. R.M. Garry

Sophia at Work…

“Hello Mrs. Tifton. My name is Sophia Griffin”. “I will be taking over your case”.

She shook Sophia’s hand weakly. “It is nice to meet you. Please call me Melanie”.

“Ok Melanie, I know you are in knots right now but this will all be over soon”. “Let me do all of the talking”.

“Ms. Griffin, Ethan Corrigan is very mean. I think I want to just drop this case against Mathew”.

Ramon spoke up then. “Hello Mrs. Tifton. I am Ramon Sifuentes”.

“I own the Sifuentes law firm and have gone against him numerous times. I am sure Ms. Griffin can handle him”.

They all walked into the meeting room where Ethan and his client were already sitting.

Ethan stood and walked over to the group. He shook hands with everyone but Melanie avoided his eyes. Ethan was about six feet tall with straight blond hair and deep blue eyes. His masculine strength oozed from his tailored charcoal grey suit. His simple green tie made a powerful statement to everyone in the room. Ethan Corrigan was a force of nature.  He looked at Ramon and spoke to him first.

“Ramon, what brings you out of the office”?

“Are you evaluating your new employee”?

Sophia responded for him.

“I have only dealt with small cases so this is a mini performance evaluation”.

Sophia gave him her smile and Ramon knew that Ethan would walk out of this meeting holding his balls in his hands.  Ramon shook his hand and said “I am confident my firm made a good choice. I just want to ensure Sophia has a smooth transition into the family court division”.

Mathew Tifton was done with this attorney small talk.

“Ethan let’s get this over with. I have meetings today”.

They all took a seat at the table. Ramon sat on the same side as Ethan and his client. He wanted to give the appearance of neutrality. Ethan jumped in immediately”.

“My client is happy that Mrs. Tifton has come to her senses and agreed on a settlement”.

“He will pay child support of $1000 a month and 10000 a year to cover every day expenses and an apartment”.

“He is not interested in visitation because his busy schedule does not allow him to keep the children”.

In response to this news, Melanie began to sob quietly. Mathew had lost all interest in their children the moment he accumulated wealth. They were an inconvenience. Sophia rubbed her arm lightly then turned her turbulent grey eyes on Ethan and his dirt bag client.

“Mr. Corrigan, is that 1000 per child”?

“It will be 1000 for both children. My client did not want to have children”.

As is being slapped, Melanie turned her face away from the man that use to be the center of her universe. Sophia was done playing. She was disgusted, but her smile never wavered. Ramon watched in fascination because by now he knew how she worked. Sophia was about to unleash her skills as an attorney and Ethan w never see it coming.

“Thank you for the generous offer but we have a country offer”.

“We are requesting 50000 a year in spousal support and 15000 a year on child support”.

“Once Mrs. Tifton has recertified as a nurse, spousal support will be 25000 a year and child support will remain the same”.

“I am sure this seems extreme but I assure you, this is the best settlement for your client”.

“Ms. Griffin, this is not a settlement we will accept. I guess this meeting is over”.

As Ethan and Mathew Tifton rose, Sophia spoke again.

“These documents include our updated request and our new counter suit”.

She slid the documents towards them.

Ethan picked them up and turned a new shade of white when his eyes landed on the numbers.

“As you can see, my detective has uncovered your client’s true net worth”.

“Since he has offshore assets, we will move to take his assets in the U.S.”.

“Mrs. Tifton handled all of the accounting, permitting, and payroll for the company during its first 10 years”.

“We will be seeking backpack for her services and since she put an initial 10000 down on the business loan, we will go after partial ownership of the business”

“Mr. Tifton will sign away his rights to visitations since he did not want to children”.

“He will also give her 25,000 for a down payment on a new home since he will be putting their current home on the market and giving her half of the proceeds”.

“You will be paying for all the legal fees including my hefty bill”.

“Gentlemen, this is where you realized I am giving you an easy out. You have 15 minutes to accept this offer or I will personally peruse this until you both are too tied up in litigation to breathe”.

“I will give you some time with your client. Let’s go Melanie”. She looked at Ramon and said “I am sure you do not want to violate their privilege to privacy Mr. Sifuentes”. Ramon stood and followed the women out of the door.

Not one word was spoken while they waited outside. Ramon was still in shock. Sophia had just taken a veteran attorney to the cleaners. Ethan Corrigan went to war with a tiger and would have the scars to prove it.

At 14 minutes and 59 seconds, Sophia escorted her client back to the room. Sophia gave Ethan a knowing smile.

“Are we ready to sign”?

Ethan sounded like he had sand in his throat.

“We have reviewed the contracts and find the terms to be fair”.

The documents were signed and sent to the judge for final approval. Melanie began to sob and hugged Sophia until she was unable to breath.

“If you ever need anything, please call. I am in your debt”.

Melanie left the courthouse with her head held high.

Ethan approached Sophia with the same arrogance he had at the beginning of their meeting”.

Ramon felt rage boil in him as Ethan crowed Sophia’s space. If he got any closer, Ramon was going to rip his head off. He had to give himself another pep talk.

“Calma Ramon, she is a big girl and can take care of herself”.

“You played me”. “Small cases my ass”.

“Since you walked away with half of my pay, maybe you should treat me to dinner tonight”.

Sophia gave him an affectionate smile before responding.

“Sorry Mr. Corrigan, I don’t play with my kills”.

“Only vultures play with dead things”.

“I am not a vulture”

“Until next time Mr. Corrigan”

She turned to Ramon and said “I am ready for my review now”.

Sophia turned on her blue 7 inch heels and left Ethan Corrigan panting”.

Ethan Corrigan loved a woman would could look good and be dangerous. He may need to work on convincing Ms. Griffin that playing with her food could be fun. In all honesty, she had devoured his reputation and pride within 30 minutes. He was in love.



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