Jump into my box R.M.

I am a pretty fun girl. If you give me the right incentive, I will try something new.  Recently, an individual attempted to lure me into their little box without even offering me any candy. After asking a few questions, I realized the box was created based on what is expected of an author. It was not even a real box.

It was brought to my attention that authors who write erotica should have a wild lifestyle and I do not fit that mold. It is also important for authors to stop writing and do something else when their first book doesn’t sell a lot of copies. This individual who did not even offer chocolates went on to say, I should really try something else.  Of course my response was laced with venom and a sweet smile.

First, women can write erotica without having to live some extreme sex filled life style. Second, you only know what I allow you to see. I may be some sex goddess hiding behind layers of mommy hood (ok that is a total lie). Finally, we are blessed to be part of a world that allows the free flow of ideas. Stories have been part of our lives since childhood. Unique authors keep the tradition of storytelling alive. As a reader, I gravitate towards stories and authors who do not fit in any box. As an author, I just want to put out good stories that will eventually become timeless. In my estimation, selling one book is a big deal.  You can keep your box and your preconceived notions about my craft. Since you didn’t offer any candy, a backrub, or an hour of babysitting so I could nap then your opinion is officially voided.

Until next time naughty kitties, stay away from people with boxes.  Stay naughty because you are good at it.

R.M. Garry


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