Fear of Walking

As an author, I want to share my thoughts and experiences with my readers. The following post is from June of this year when I was getting closer to the release of Beacon of Sound. I dealt with some real fear and anxiety. Now it is August, I am revisiting this post because it reminds me to keep walking even when I am terrified of the path I have chosen, Maybe my journey will inspire others to walk towards their passions. Enjoy the read and stay naughty because you are good at it .
R.M. Garry

June 18, 2014

It seems that the closer my publication date gets, the more worried I become. Unfortunately my friends have gushed over my work which makes me worried that I have taken on too much. Will people get it? Will they take the escape I am offering and understand that it is just a temporary out?  It’s not like I want to take their reality away, I just want to numb them a little. How good is this novel? Do I dare expect more from my skills? Should I live within and accept my limitations? As a joke I submitted my work to a publisher. It was a joke because I know what I want to do and no publisher will be on board with my ideas. I am tired of forcing myself to write because fear makes me lazy. Beacon of Sound is my baby and I am not sure I want another editor to lay it bare and attempt to draw blood from it. I am so freaked out by the future or truth that I have not even worked on my current project. I have a fear of walking to the end and finding the road closed off. I know this will all pass but, I might as well bare my soul. My craft will soon be out there for the world to judge. Who knows? The world and the journey may just surprise me…
R.M. Garry


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