Interview with Patrick Noir Alvang

R.M.: Hello Mr. Noir Alvang. Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to speak with me.

Patrick: You can call me Patrick dove. No need to be formal. What is your first question?

R.M.: Some of my readers were a little concerned with your methods. You acted like a villain in your attempts to “save” Marie. Is there a reason you are laughing?

Patrick: I apologize R.M. but have you met that woman? Delicate is not an approach you use with Marie. I think she may have fangs. Sometimes, you have to break things in order to fix them.

R.M.: Patrick, Marie was in a tough position you could have been a little more understanding.

Patrick: R.M., have you ever been taken? Has your husband ever lost all control and taken so much pleasure from your body that you were left boneless?

R.M.: Patrick, that is not an answer!

Patrick: If you have experienced what I just described then you would understand. I wanted Marie so I took her, next question.

R.M.: Your ideal woman would be…

Patrick: My ideal woman would be venomous, stubborn, powerful, and absolutely filthy in the bedroom.

R.M.: Patrick, I thought you were frustrated with Marie. It seems as if you just described her as your ideal woman.

Patrick: Marie is delicious of course she is my ideal woman.

R.M.: You are a prince, what do you expect from your subjects?

Patrick: I will do whatever is necessary to ensure the safety and continuation of my people. I am loyal to them and expect their loyalty in turn.

R.M.: How would you feel if Marie wanted to move on to someone else? What if another man tried to win her love?

Patrick: I have killed for less. He would be thrown into the blistering sun.

R.M.: Is that something you can do?

Patrick: I can do things.

R.M.: Patrick, you are not really answering any of my questions.

Patrick: When was the last time you had an orgasm R.M.?

R.M.: How is that relevant?

Patrick: It may explain your mood. I believe all orgasms should come in pairs.

R.M.: I have been very cordial Patrick but you have not been very forthcoming.

Patrick: I have brothers who would love to help you with your little problem.

R.M.: Patrick I am a happily married woman.

Patrick: Is he really your husband? Who was a witness to your union?

R.M.: Oh my God, you’re evil.

Patrick: You say evil I say determined. I am the Beacon of Light and no one can hide from me. If I were to tell you everything about my powers, you would become a vulnerability for my people.

R.M.: I’m sorry, I just wanted to give my readers more information. They are very curious about you and the other Beacons.

Patrick: R.M. I think you are curious. I am going to help you get all the information you need.

R.M.: What does that mean?

Ok, I will do anything for my readers but this is the point where I leave. Patrick called his brothers and all three of them showed up. I am a married woman and have no need to be triple teamed by the Beacon triplets who have hidden powers. Of course Patrick Alvang who is absolutely evil left without looking back. He is a stubborn evil Deus of Lust.

Nelis Noir Alvang: Don’t rush off little dove. I am sure there is something we can do to help you relax.

R.M.: It was nice meeting you gentlemen, I have to um go. Bye.

Sorry guys, it seems that my interview with Prince Alvang went in circles. I hope my interview with Marie will be a lot better. Until next time, stay naughty because you’re good at it.

R.M. Garry


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